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#100rewatch Recap: 2×12-2×14

Hi everyone! Season 3 is only 4 days away!! I’m so excited!

So for this week, we watched episodes 2×12-2×14. Things are really getting crazy now, especially for those of us who ship Clexa! So here is my recap of episodes 2×12-2×14. WARNING: SPOILERS and, as always, this recap of mine is LONG. I have really tried to cut back this time, though, I PROMISE.

In this episode, we have Bells running around Mount Weather, trying to save his friends from being taken and killed, Clarke freaking out about how nothing is ready for their war, Murphy flirting with a girl in the desert, Jasper and the rest of the Arkers in Mount Weather trying to fight back against their captors, and then a missile blows up Tondc.

What happens:

  • Emerson gets to Mount Weather and Cage is outside without a suit, because the bone marrow treatment worked.
  • Jasper tells Dr. Tsing that President Wallace told them they could leave Mount Weather, but Tsing makes up some B.S. excuse for him no longer being president. She says “I hope you know you’re all incredibly special to us.”
  • Clarke and Raven are still not really happy with each other. Clarke basically acts like Raven hasn’t done anything to help them prepare for the war, but she’s doing the best she can with what she has.
  • Clarke tells Kane to go to Tondc in her place once she hears that her friends in Mount Weather are in extreme danger. There is to be a meeting with all of the grounder clans at Tondc, to prepare for the war.
  • Abby is really just as annoying as ever.
  • Jaha, Murphy, and the others looking for the City of Light have made it to the Dead Zone. They come across a girl named Emori and she tells them this sob story about how her brother was killed and all she has left is her cart. She says she’ll take them to the City of Light if they pull her cart.
  • Bells finds where his friends are being taken for the bone marrow drilling. He overhears Cage talking to Emerson about Clarke’s message to them but he doesn’t sound too worried. He says he’s going to shoot a missile at Tondc during the war council meeting. Clarke and Raven hear this over Bellamy’s walkie talkie and Clarke decides to leave to go warn Lexa and the others. Raven gives Clarke a hug and tells her “Don’t get blown up.”
  • Murphy and Emori are kind of flirting as they walk through the desert and Murphy confesses to her that he killed some people. She shows him her disfigured hand and explains that her people shunned her, and that’s why she left.
  • The next time Dr. Tsing goes into the Arker’s dorm room, Bells sneaks in, too, and tells Jasper to get everyone ready and gives him a gun. Jasper tells him to enlist Wallace for help. Bells visits Wallace and Wallace says he can’t help but he can buy them some time.
  • Clarke gets to Tondc and and tells Lexa about the missile. Lexa says they need to escape and tell no one, because if they all leave, the Mountain Men will know that they have an inside man. Clarke tries to get her to agree to warn the others but Lexa explains that it won’t work.
  • It turns out Emori was just tricking Jaha, Murphy, and the others, and she and her brother rob them. But before she leaves she whispers something to Murphy and tells him good luck.
  • Octavia is keeping watch outside Tondc with another one of the Seconds and she sees some movement. The other guy goes to look but he doesn’t come back. So she walks out and finds that Lincoln has attacked him. He’s a reaper again. Lincoln thinks he betrayed Bells, but O tells him that Bellamy is okay. O tells Lincoln to come with her, but he shakes his head and O hits him in the face (ARGH, O. NOT COOL) and tells him he has to get back up and fight it.
  • In the desert, Murphy tells the others that Emori told them to go due north, but some of the others want to turn back. They split up and some go back the way they came but Jaha, Murphy, and a few others head north.
  • Lexa and Clarke are in the woods outside Tondc when Clarke sees that her mother has arrived. She goes back for her mom. She asks Abby why she’s there and Abby is all like “I’m the chancellor” and Clarke is like NO WE HAVE TO LEAVE NOW. Abby is stubborn and doesn’t want to go with Clarke but then they see the missile and it hits Tondc. Abby is pissed because Clarke knew this was going to happen and let it happen anyway. Clarke tells Abby not to tell anyone.
  • In Mount Weather, Jasper and the other Arkers have equipped themselves with weapons made from parts in their dorm room and they are ready for the soldiers when they come. But Dr. Tsing tells them to take Jasper. They get to the elevator and suddenly there’s a radiation leak. Jasper lets all the Arkers out and Dr. Tsing tries to get on the elevator and escape but Jasper holds open the door and tells her “I hope you know you’re incredibly special to us.” Ooooh, burn. (Literally.) Tsing and the other Mountain Men on level 5 die from exposure.
  • Cage is pissed and he confronts his father about who helped the Arkers leak the radiation. Wallace admits it was him and Cage says it doesn’t really matter because they’re going to be on the ground soon. He tells Wallace that he bombed Tondc. Wallace gets pissed and yells at him “And it only cost you your soul!” Then some soldiers walk in and give Wallace the bone marrow treatment.
  • At the end, Octavia and Lincoln walk out of the woods and survey the damage from the missile. There’s a huge hole in the ground and wounded and dead people all over. Clarke watches from the woods.

I remember talking with a blogger (Christina, maybe?) on twitter when I first watched season 2 and I mentioned that one character (Bellamy, possibly) wasn’t beyond reproach and she mentioned that the fact that NO ONE was beyond reproach was a great part of the show. And I think this episode is important because it shows that Clarke isn’t beyond reproach. She makes mistakes, too. It shows that she is complex, can be rude and impatient with her friends, and that she can make choices that maybe aren’t the best ones. I mean, I don’t think that Clarke was a Mary Sue before this, but she was close. And you might argue that when she killed Finn it showed that she made mistakes, too. Well, I would agree that it shows that she is complex and makes hard decisions and doesn’t always do what everyone wants her to do, but for Clarke, killing Finn was an act of mercy. She knew he would be killed, and he turned himself in. So killing Finn wasn’t quite the same type of complex decison, even though it was a pretty atypical decision for the protagonist of a TV show to make. Am I making any sense? What do you guys think?

In Resurrection, we have the aftermath of the missile blowing up Tondc. Clarke, Lexa, and Lincoln look for the lone Mountain Man who is shooting at the survivors, Abby tries to save Kane from being buried alive under the rubble of Tondc and gets stuck herself, and the Arkers inside Mount Weather are waging their own battle against Cage and his soldiers.

What happens:

  • Clarke feels extremely guilty for not warning everyone about the missile. She tells Lexa “I want the Mountain Men dead. All of them.”
  • Lincoln finds Indra alive under the rubble. She shakes him off of her, stands up, and then is shot by the Mountain Man, Whitman, who had given Cage the coordinates to launch the missile. Whitman keeps shooting and Clarke decides she’s going to find him and kill him.
  • Abby moves some of the rubble and hears someone banging on a pipe far down under them. It’s Kane and he’s alive.
  • Lincoln decides to go after the shooter, too. O wants to go with him but he tells her she’s needed there. Indra tells her to take charge of the other Seconds and to save the other wounded.
  • The Arkers inside Mount Weather have barricaded themselves inside the mess hall. Jasper promises a girl named Fox that they’ll be safe. The Mountain Men arrive and throw some of the canisters of red gas into the mess hall. They get into the mess hall and the Arkers are on the ground but there is no smoke. Jasper and the Arkers jump up and attack the soldiers. They had put the smoke out in buckets of water. They continue to fight and then Emerson tells the soldiers to retreat. The Arkers are all excited that they won, but the Mountain Men have taken Fox. Jasper freaks out because he promised her that she’d be okay.
  • The soldiers take Fox to the room where they drill for bone marrow. Fox gets out of their grasp and runs to the door and then a guard shows up and points a gun at her. But it’s Bells to the Rescue™ and he shoots the other guards. Maya comes in and says they should take Fox somewhere safe. They take her to Maya’s quarters. Her dad isn’t happy they’re there, but he agrees to let them stay there for one night.
  • Lincoln meets up with Clarke and Lexa and they go try to find the sniper together.
  • Abby has gone down under the rubble to try to get Kane out. There’s a beam on his leg but it’s keeping him alive because his artery is cut. The rubble crashes down on top of them.
  • Cage gets Maya and uses her as a bargaining tool against Jasper and the others. He puts Maya on the 5th floor with them and the radiation and says that there’s only 20 minutes of air in her suit. They have that much time to surrender, or she’ll die.
  • Abby is now pinned down under the rubble, too, and she tells Kane that Clarke knew about the missile. She asks how Clarke could do something like that and Kane says “Because she grew up on the Ark. She learned what to do from us.” Kane explains how they’ve all done unforgivable things.
  • Bells comes up to the mess hall through the trash chute and they get Maya down through there. Maya’s dad shows up and he’s going to help them.
  • Lincoln, Lexa, and Clarke find the sniper. They have a bit of a standoff that ends with the sniper holding Lincoln hostage and Clarke shooting a bullet through Lincoln (without killing him) and into the sniper (killing him). Lucky ass shot, Clarke. Lincoln blows his horn and the others at Tondc know the sniper is dead.
  • O instructs the other Seconds to keep trying to dig out the rubble to save Abby, Kane, and any other survivors.
  • The Mountain Men think Maya is dead but when they get to the mess hall, they find it empty. All the Arkers have been placed with families who are hiding them.
  • Some more of the adults from Camp Jaha show up at Tondc and help the rescue mission. They, along with O and the other grounders, get Abby and Kane out.
  • Lexa, Clarke, and Lincoln return and Lexa addresses everyone. “What happened here will not stand. The Mountain Men will fall. The dead will be avenged.”
  • Indra finally forgives Lincoln for siding with the Arkers and they hug.
  • Lexa, Clarke, O, Lincoln, Indra, and some others walk away to prepare for the war.

This isn’t one of my favorite episodes, because, like an episode during my last recap, it seems as though we’re just kind of waiting for something. I don’t really care about Kane and Abby so their part just bores me. And while I’m glad Jasper and Monty and the others are fighting back, I don’t really care too much about their storyline at this point, either. And Clarke and Lexa were basically walking around trying to find the sniper this whole episode, so it was just kind of a boring one for me.

MY FAVORITE EPISODE, YOU GUYSSSSSSSSSS. In this one, we have Jaha and Murphy trying to make their way through a minefield, Bells finds the source of the acid fog, Wicken banter and sexy times, and THE CLEXA KISSSSSSS. MY HEART IS HAPPY, YOU GUYS.

What happens:

  • Jaha, Murphy, and the others still on their way to the City of Light end up in a minefield. Two of them are blown up by landmines.
  • The grounder clans and Clarke and Octavia are camped out just outside of the range of the acid fog on Mount Weather. Clarke and Lexa are in Lexa’s tent, and Clarke is nervous that their plans might not work. Lexa basically tells her to stop worrying. Clarke worries that she may have sent Bells to his doom. Lexa points out that Clarke cares for him, and worries about him more than the others. Clarke says “I couldn’t have kept us alive all this time without him. I need him.” And all the Bellarke shippers rejoice.
  • The Mountain Men find out that Bells is an impostor and they chase him. He knocks out a soldier and takes his key card, since the one he had previously stolen isn’t working anymore.
  • Raven asks Wick to help her figure out what they might have to do to shut down the acid fog. We get some lovely Wicken banter. 
  • Octavia tells Clarke she knows that Clarke knew about the missile beforehand. Clarke basically admits it by saying nothing and O gets really pissed. Clarke explains that she was trying to keep Bells safe. Then she tells Octavia not to tell anyone. O says she won’t, but Lexa doesn’t believe it, and she tells a grounder to kill O.
  • Clarke realizes that Octavia is in danger, so she holds a gun up to the grounder’s head as he aims his bow and arrow at Octavia. He says “I have my orders,” and Clarke says “I don’t care. This is not happening.”
  • Clarke takes the grounder to Lexa’s tent and basically spends all this time yelling at Lexa. She tells Lexa that she’s weak because she hides from her feelings. “250 people died in that village. I know you felt for them. But you let them burn.” Lexa says, “Not everyone. Not you.” Clarke is taken aback but then says “Well if you care about me then trust me.” Lexa says she can’t and Clarke threatens to tell everyone that they knew about the missile if Octavia is harmed.
  • In the desert, Jaha is leading the way, holding his stick out ahead of him, checking for mines. Murphy and the others are following in his footprints. They get through the minefield, finally, and they see lights on the other side of a dune. They climb up it, and it’s a bunch of solar panels. But for some reason they don’t automatically think “What are these solar panels sending power TO?” like I thought when I saw them. Instead they think that they’re nothing.
  • Bells radios Raven when he makes it into the room with the acid fog. There are tons of tanks and a control panel. They figure out how to turn off the acid fog, and it seems to work. Wick and Raven almost kiss. Bells tells Raven to send a flare and she does.
  • Lexa sends for Clarke and tells her that she does trust her. Lexa says “You think our ways are harsh. But it’s how we survive.” Clarke says “Maybe life should be about more than just surviving. Don’t we deserve better than that?” Lexa says “Maybe we do” and then SHE KISSES HER. OMG GUYS. AND CLARKE KISSES HER BACK! But then Clarke pulls away and says “I’m sorry. I’m not ready to be with anyone. Not yet.” Then they hear a commotion outside and they see the flare from Raven. Lexa yells “To war!” to her people.
  • Raven comes back in after shooting off the flare and kisses Wick. Yay! Wicken! <3 They proceed to get it on.
  • The grounder armies are advancing, including Lexa, Clarke, and Octavia.
  • Bells finds a tank that wasn’t disabled and he tries to contact Raven but the Mountain Men have found his signal and turned it off so that he can’t contact them anymore. Some soldiers come in and chase after Bells. He leaves a torch on up against one of the tanks and when Cage sets off the acid fog, all the tanks blow up. Bells gets away unharmed. But Cage is pissed because Emerson tells him that they have no more defenses except for the doors.
  • Raven starts putting her clothes back on and acts pretty stand-offish to Wick. He tells her “If you wanna do this, I’m in. But I’m not gonna play games. So figure it out.” Raven just says “We have a war to win.”
  • Clarke tells O that she has reassigned her to the rear guard so she’ll be safe. Octavia says “I don’t take orders from you. I take orders from Indra.” Clarke says “One day hopefully you’ll understand what I did.” O says “Never. I’ll fight this war with you now because I want our friends back but after that, we’re done.” Indra comes up and tells Clarke that Lexa was looking for her. Indra knows that Lexa and Clarke knew about the missile and O says “How could you not hate them? Indra, they almost killed you.” Indra says, “They didn’t do anything. The enemy did. Lexa’s a great commander because she’s ruthless. That’s how we’ll win this battle.” Octavia says “That’s wrong,” and Indra says “That’s war.” Indra starts to yell a battle cry and reluctantly, Octavia joins in.
  • In the desert, Jaha realizes that the solar panels aren’t broken down like the rest of the planet. Murphy throws a rock at one of them and a drone flies out at them. Then it starts flying away from them and they chase it all the way to a body of water. There’s a boat there and Jaha tells them they need to follow the drone in the boat. Murphy says “Tell me, what level of crazy is too much for you? I’m just curious.” Jaha says that this is their destiny and tells them to get in the boat. They get in and start rowing.
Okay, guys, I just have to mention that not only does this episode make me so happy because it kind of validates my ship, but it is where we find out that Clarke, our MAIN FREAKING CHARACTER, is bi. THIS JUST DOES NOT HAPPEN ON TV SHOWS. Side characters may be gay or lesbian, or maybe there’s some “questioning” characters at times, but hardly ever, in a mainstream show, is there even a bi character at all, much less one that is the PROTAGONIST. It just makes my bi heart happy. I also love all the Wicken stuff that happens in this episode, and I also kind of like Murphy now. It started two episodes ago, when he meets Emori. I mean, he’s still a jerk, but we’re seeing more sides of him. And I love his sarcasm. What do you guys think about Murphy? Is his character growing on you or do you still hate him as much as you did during those first few episodes of season 1?

Well, that’s it for my time hosting this #100rewatch. It has been a blast! Thanks so much for those of you who tweeted with me, or liked my live tweets, or have read these recaps. Angie will be our host for the last two episodes, so be sure to check out her blog and follow her on Twitter! And then we’ll have the first episode of Season 3 on Thursday! AAAAAAHHHHH! I CAN’T WAIT!


  1. Kate Midnight Book Girl

    January 18, 2016 at 12:40 pm

    While I have no interest in watching this show (I usually prefer the fantasy side of sci-fi/fantasy, and the episodes that I've caught did not make me want to continue watching), I am so happy that you are so happy! Also, it is about time for a truly bi-sexual female character to be featured on tv, as a lead and not just as a token character/plot line.

    Although, I would like to point out, Grey's Anatomy has a lead character who is bisexual too. All the more reason for you to binge watch it! ;)

  2. Mattie Parker

    January 19, 2016 at 7:42 pm

    I love everything about this post! I'm so excited for this season!

  3. Mattie Parker

    January 19, 2016 at 7:42 pm

    I love everything about this post! I'm so excited for this season!

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