My rating system for books is 1-5 stars.  Everyone’s system seems to be a bit different, so I thought I’d explain what each of my ratings mean.

5 stars are the books that I absolutely loved, will most likely be added to my Favorites list on Goodreads, and I will probably gush about them ad nauseam. You have been warned.
4 stars means that I really, really enjoyed the book.  This rating really has a big range, going from those who just missed the cutoff of the Favorites shelf to those who were just above “liked it.”
3 stars means that I enjoyed the book.  I might read the sequels, I might not.
2 stars means I really wasn’t all that impressed with the book.  There might have been a couple of redeeming qualities, but other than that, I didn’t enjoy it.
1 star means I really did NOT like the book.  This doesn’t happen very often, but if it does, I will still try to find something positive to say about the book.
DNF means, of course, that I did not finish the book.  I don’t really like to rate a book that I didn’t finish, because I feel like if I didn’t read the whole thing, I can’t rate it.  And if I didn’t finish the book, it doesn’t mean that I didn’t like it – it just means that, for one reason or another, I had to set the book aside to (maybe) read at a later date.  But I’ll explain the circumstances for the DNF in my review.