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#100rewatch Recap: 1×13-2×04

Hi everyone! This is my first week hosting the #100rewatch and it went really well! I’m really enjoying the rewatch and I hope you guys are, too!
WARNING: This post is LONG. I’m long-winded and it’s hard for me to cut back. But I hope it gives you a nice, humorous recap of these episodes! Oh, and if you haven’t watched episodes 1×13-2×04, you might not want to read this post, because it is full of spoilers.

In this finale of season 1, SO MANY THINGS HAPPEN. But let’s start at the beginning, shall we? First off Raven is wounded from when Murphy shot her and the bullet is still inside her, so she’s not moving much during this episode. Bellamy obviously doesn’t understand what the reapers are and suggests that they might actually help them to fight the grounders. Um, they’re not going to willingly help you, Bells. (I really love calling Bellamy “Bells” now, so it’ll be a thing quite often in this post.)

Bells doesn’t want to leave camp but Clarke talks him into it. For some reason, they think they can make it to the beach before the grounders get there. Then a dude gets an ax or some kind of weird throwing star to the face, so that’s the end of the beach idea, and they head back to the camp. When they get back, Bellamy looks at Clarke and says, “Looking to you, Princess. What’s it gonna be?” RIGHT. BECAUSE BOSS CLARKE. Clarke decides they should stay and fight.

Octavia comes out with some sword or machete or something and when Bells doesn’t want her to go, she says, “Like you said, I’m a grounder.” Clarke gets the idea to lure in the grounders and then shoot the rocket fuel that is under the dropship at them. She asks Raven if she can do it. Raven’s response: “You give me enough time, I’ll cook ’em real good.” Because Raven is bad ass. And then Raven can’t feel her legs because she’s bleeding internally and she’s just like, “We better do this fast then, huh?” QUEEN RAVEN.

On the Ark, the adults have come up with a last-chance plan to not die in space. The Ark is going to break off in pieces and go down to Earth. Jaha recites the Traveler’s Prayer which ends with “May we meet again” and that part just reminds me of the season 3 trailer and I CANNOT. Sinclair pushes the button to make the Ark launch and it doesn’t work. Someone has to do it manually from the central station. Kane gets up and is all, “Look at me being so noble, shake the hand of your martyr,” but then they launch and it turns out Jaha went and did it manually. Too bad, Kane. You lost your glory.

Back on the ground, Raven and Clarke are trying to set up the whole rocket-fuel plan and they have this awesome friendship moment and I will forever ship them as BFFs. “I’d pick you first.” It just gets you right in the feels. Outside, the grounders are starting to attack the camp. Finn has gone to Lincoln’s cave to try to get a coagulant for Raven and then he comes up with a plan to use the reapers. It’s not the smartest plan–they totally could have been killed–but it ends up working. They lead the reapers right up to the dropship camp and right into the mob of grounders. So instead of invading the hundred’s camp, the grounders turn around and fight with the reapers.

Octavia was hurt from the fight with the grounders and Bellamy brings her back to the camp, and they meet up with Lincoln. Bellamy tells Octavia to go with Lincoln, who can help her, and then Bells tells her, “I told you my life ended the day you were born. The truth is, it didn’t start until then.” And Octavia says “I love you, big brother.” STAHP, Blake siblings. I CAN’T HANDLE THIS.

Then it’s time to set off the rocket fuel because the grounders have made their way inside the camp. Bellamy isn’t going to make it and Finn runs out to help him but Clarke has to close the door before either of them can make it inside. Anya makes it in with them, and she totally gets beaten up by lots of the hundred until Clarke stops them and says, “No. We are not grounders.” Jasper flips the switch to set off the rocket fuel and it doesn’t work. (I like how this occurs on both the Ark and then the ground: when the Ark fails to launch and then when the rocket fuel fails to work.) Jasper fixes it and it works and the grounders are toast.

Back in space, Jaha is trying to communicate with the rest of the Ark to see if there were any survivors. Abby responds from the ground. THEN ONE OF MY FAVORITE SONGS EVER PLAYS AND IT MAKES ME LOVE THIS SHOW EVEN MORE. Sorry, I will calm down. But the song is Exit Music (For a Film) by Radiohead and I LOVE IT and I think it is perfect here. Abby goes outside and she describes the Earth to Jaha.

Then Clarke and the others who were inside the dropship come out and see the charred remains outside. And then some kind of knockout gas is thrown into the camp. Anya says, “Mountain men” and they all pass out as men in masks come into the camp. Then Clarke wakes up. She’s in a white room with an IV in her arm and Van Gogh’s Starry Night on the wall. She gets up and looks out the window and sees Monty (Yay!) looking out of a window at her from across the hall. She sees a sign on the wall in the hall that says “Mount Weather Quarantine Ward.” And that’s the end.

I’m glad I didn’t watch season 1 when it was on TV because I would not have been happy to wait to see what happened after that! I already loved the show by that point, but Clarke waking up in that room just made me love it even more.

THE 48
The first episode of Season 2 picks up soon after the end of the season 1 finale. We find out where all of the characters are after the rocket fuel explosion and the Ark coming down to Earth.

48 of the hundred are now imprisoned inside Mount Weather (or as Dante Wallace, the president of Mount Weather calls them, “guests”), including Clarke, Jasper, and Monty. Jasper and many of the others are happy to be there, but Clarke isn’t, especially because not all of the hundred are with them there. She spends most of the episode going into places she’s not allowed, but we do find out some interesting info. Like the fact that the people who have been inside Mount Weather can’t go outside without protective suits, or they’ll die. But the hundred are immune to the radiation outside because they had solar radiation to deal with in space, so their immune systems are even stronger than the grounders’. Wallace also tells Clarke that he is sending out people to check for survivors, but he won’t let Clarke go look for herself.

Lincoln is trying to get Octavia some help for her wound. She’s practicing his language so that his people might not kill her on sight. Lincoln realizes that the spear that was in her was poisoned. He goes to search for the antidote, and then comes back when she screams. Octavia says she saw a man who was a monster. Lincoln thinks she’s hallucinating from the poison but then there’s a monster dude in the woods and I WAS SO CREEPED OUT BECAUSE I DO NOT REMEMBER THAT FROM THE FIRST TIME WATCHING THE SHOW. Lincoln takes her to the outskirts of his village and sets her down next to the statue of Abraham Lincoln and everyone watching does a collective “Ohhhhh.” He runs off and leaves her there.

Raven and Murphy are in the dropship. Raven is still really badly wounded from Murphy shooting her 2 episodes ago and she tries to shoot Murphy but she runs out of bullets. They have a not-so-cordial discussion about Murphy and his family and his issues. He apologizes to Raven for shooting her and cries.

Bells is in the woods, and he finds Monroe and Sterling. He and Finn got separated after the rocket fuel explosion. Finn is captured by the grounder named Tristan, and he’s being pulled along by a rope. We find out that 300 of the grounders were killed during the battle at the dropship. Bells, Monroe, and Sterling try to rescue Finn, and that’s when the wonderful gif that I’ve placed under this episode’s title above happens, LOL. But Tristan captures them and then the adults show up and just try to take over everything. They go to the dropship and Abby leaves a note for Clarke. They find Raven and Murphy and Bells starts beating up Murphy so Kane has Bellamy arrested. Finn tries to explain what an ass Murphy is but Kane’s an idiot so he doesn’t listen. They take everyone back to the adults’ camp, which Sinclair has named Camp Jaha. Kane asks Sinclair if he’s heard from Jaha, but no luck.
Jaha’s still alive up in space, and he’s trying to contact the people on the ground. He wants Kane and Abby to work together (fat chance), and then he powers down the controls. Then he hears a baby crying and I GET CHILLS EVEN THOUGH I KNOW WHAT HAPPENS. And that’s the end.

Question: What would you guys do if you woke up and found yourself at Mount Weather after toughing it out in the woods, fighting with grounders for days and days? Would you be like Jasper and soak it all in, loving the food and the safety of it? Or would you be like Clarke, and worry so much about those who are still outside that it consumed your every thought?
This is one of my favorite episodes, because of the whole Jaha storyline. I love it and I hate it at the same time. And I do have issues with Jaha but I just love this storyline. But I’m getting ahead of myself.

Bells is locked up at Camp Jaha, and Murphy gets put into the cell with him. They have a nice heart-to-heart about Murphy being a traitor and an ass. Kane tells Bells that there were more guns and bullets at that bunker where they found the guns, basically telling him it’s his fault that they didn’t kill all the grounders. Bells wants to go find Clarke and Octavia and everyone, but Kane wants to have a plan and says it’s too dangerous for Bells to go anyway. Someone shoots into the woods and Kane is all “Unauthorized use of firearms is a felony” blah blah blah and Abby tells him, “Marcus. Search the damn woods.”

Raven has to have surgery to remove the bullet, but she could die from the surgery. Raven decides to have the surgery and she is AWAKE FOR THE WHOLE THING. QUEEEEEEN RAVEN. She is basically the strongest character on this show so far. She wakes up and can’t feel her left foot. She’s going to take a nap and tells Finn, “When I wake up, don’t be here.” And the first time I watched it, I was like DAMMMNNNN, but she’s just telling him to go find their friends. So Finn breaks Bells out of jail and Bells decides to bring Murphy because he knows where the grounder camp is. Monroe and Sterling go, too. Abby and Miller’s dad give them some guns and usher them on their way.

Octavia is saved by Nyko, a grounder friend of Lincoln’s. Nyko tells her that Lincoln is paying for his crimes, and Octavia takes him hostage and goes to the grounder camp and demands for Lincoln or she’ll kill Nyko. Octavia is becoming a BAD ASS. Indra (the woman who plays her is SO GOOD at playing characters I love to hate) brings Lincoln to Octavia and O gives Nyko back to Indra, but then reapers show up and they knock out O and take Lincoln.

Jaha is up in space, searching frantically for the source of the baby cries. He finds a baby in a drawer in someone’s quarters, and the baby has a chess piece with him. AND I GET SO CHOKED UP. I have kids so the idea of babies or kids left completely helpless just really gets to me. AND IT MAKES ME LOVE THIS STORYLINE BUT HATE IT AT THE SAME TIME. So the baby reinvigorates Jaha and he decides to find a way to get them both to the ground. He decides they’ll get on a missile and take it down. But he has to fly through space to get to the missile so he makes a sling for the baby that goes inside his spacesuit. His helmet is cracked but HE WEARS IT ANYWAY and then it breaks open just before he gets to the missile and somehow he’s okay. He opens the spacesuit and the baby is gone, it’s just a blanket. Then he sees his dead son Wells, who is holding the chess piece. The hallucination of Wells convinces him to keep going, to make it to Earth, so he does. He ends up in a desert.

In the Mount Weather compound, everyone is having a grand old time, except for Clarke, of course. Miller is released from medical after three surgeries. Some alarms go off and Maya says it means that some people who went outside are back and they’re injured. So Clarke runs after her to see if they found survivors, and Jasper follows Clarke. One of the soldiers has died and he has a bullet wound. Clarke knows Wallace is lying because the Grounders don’t have guns, so there must be survivors. The other soldier has a whole bunch of burns and blisters all over his skin. Wallace tells Clarke that the dead soldier was killed by a Grounder’s arrow, and she demands to see the body. The wound looks different this time. Clarke sees the other soldier and his burns and blisters are almost gone, way too quickly. So she cuts her old wound open again on a sharp part of a bunk bed (grosssssss) so she can get into medical and check things out. She sees that everyone there has blood going in and out of them so she follows the tubes of blood and finds a secret room where unconscious people are hanging upside down with blood being drained from them. There are also tons of cages with grounders in them, and Anya is in one of them. The End.

I really love the new opening credits sequence, with the Statue of Liberty sticking out from the desert! SO COOL. It made me realize that this season was going to be about more than just Mount Weather and the grounders and Camp Jaha.
Clarke gets Anya out of the cage and almost gets caught herself. They go in a room marked “End Containment Area” and fall down a chute and end up in a dumpster full of dying people in a mine under Mount Weather. The reapers show up and Clarke and Anya get into a mining cart to hide, and bodies are thrown down over them and then the cart starts moving. When it stops, one of the bodies on top of them is taken out and they hear screams. Anya kills the other grounder in the cart to keep him from dying such a horrible death and she and Clarke run away. Clarke tells Anya that the grounders’ blood is being used to heal the mountain men. Clarke and Anya split up, and then Clarke is surrounded by reapers and the mountain men show up with a device that emits a high-pitched noise that hurts the reapers. They try to take Clarke back to the Mount Weather compound but Anya saves her and they both jump out of the side of a dam and into the water below. Anya and Clarke wash up on the side of the river and Anya takes Clarke as her prisoner and says “You killed 300 of my warriors. I can’t show my face without a prize.”

Inside Mount Weather, Maya and Jasper are getting flirty and she shows him the room with all the art. (I want to know how they got all that art down into Mount Weather BEFORE the nuclear war. Seriously. How did they get all this art from AROUND THE WORLD there in time? Because they obvs can’t get very far on the ground after the war, so, were they warned like a year in advance?) Monty is worried about Clarke, because he hasn’t seen her in a while. Jasper gets Maya to snoop a bit and she comes back and says that Clarke had a breakdown and is in the psych ward. Jasper feels bad for calling her crazy. AS YOU SHOULD, JASPER. AS YOU SHOULD.

At Camp Jaha, Kane is pissed that Bellamy and Murphy have escaped. He confronts Abby and she says “You weren’t elected chancellor, Marcus. You only got the job because Thelonious beat you to redemption.” OOOH, BURN. Speaking of burns, Major Byrne who I will henceforth call “Major Annoying” wants Kane to make an example of Abby because she has committed felonies according to the Exodus Charter. Kane seems like he’s not going to listen to her but then later they tie Abby’s arms to two poles and Major Annoying gives her 10 lashes to her back with her electric wand thing, under Kane’s command. Then Major Annoying points a gun at a grounder prisoner’s head while interrogating him and Kane realizes they’re doing this all wrong. He tells Abby that he is going to head a mission to meet the grounders’ commander and negotiate peace. Abby wants to go, too, but Kane tells her to stay and be chancellor while he’s gone. Kane takes the grounder prisoner to lead the way.

In the forest, Bells, Finn, Murphy, Monroe, and Sterling are walking. Finn removes Murphy’s handcuffs even though Bells didn’t want him to. They see some grounders and Finn notices that one of them has Clarke’s dad’s watch hanging from his neck. THIS IS WHERE FINN STARTS TO TURN. They realize that Clarke wouldn’t just give up that watch so they capture the grounder and take him to the bunker where Finn had taken Clarke before. They interrogate the grounder and Finn starts hitting him and yelling at him. Then Bells tells Finn, “You don’t want to do this, trust me. There are some lines you can’t uncross.” But then Finn just hits the dude and yells at him again, and when Bells tries to stop him this time, Finn points a gun at Bells. Then he points it at the grounder and starts counting down from three. The grounder tells them that their friends are east of there, and says he’ll draw them a map. Murphy and Bells argue about whether they should kill the grounder (Murphy’s idea, obvs) or leave him there, but then Finn just shoots the grounder and says “Let’s go” and walks out of the bunker. Bellamy looks stunned AS HE SHOULD.

Octavia shows up near the grounder village while Indra and some of the others are planning an attack on the reapers. O wants to help them, but Indra tells her people to kill her. Octavia runs and hides, but then she later follows them to the reapers. Indra knows she is there, because, sorry, O, but you’re not a stealthy grounder yet, and she is going to use Octavia as bait for the reapers. O says, “I am not afraid.” The plan works and Octavia looks for Lincoln among the reapers’ hostages and screams and cries when she doesn’t find him. Nyko, who was one of the reapers’ hostages, tells O that she proved herself well. Indra gives Octavia a look and a nod. And then in the mines under Mount Weather, some of the mountain men are injecting a strange red liquid into some reapers’ necks. Doctor Tsing from Mount Weather is there, and she is going down a line of grounders, picking out people to harvest for blood. Then she gets to Lincoln at the end of the line and says, “Mark this one for the Cerberus Program.” The End.

Question: Do you think Finn has a justifiable reason to start to change as he does? In season 1, he probably never would have shot anyone. What do you think was the catalyst for his change in character? And would you have left the grounder prisoner there, in the bunker, like Bellamy wanted to do, or would you have sided with Murphy and Finn?
Jaha is in the desert and he is found by a young, disfigured boy named Zoran. (I keep wanting to say his name is Zohan, but that’s not right.) Zoran takes Jaha to his family’s tent, and Jaha gets to know Zoran and his mother, Sienna. Sienna tells him about her people’s customs to not keep babies who are deformed, but she couldn’t leave her son. So they left their home and now they are on their way to the City of Light. They are so desperate to get there that they sell out Jaha to a bad guy for a horse. Zoran wants Jaha to run away but Jaha knows Zoran and his family will be hurt if he runs, so he goes with the bad man.

Bells, Finn, Murphy, Monroe, and Sterling are trying to find the village from the map that the grounder drew for them. They come across some dead bodies and wreckage and see where one of the sections of the Ark landed. They hear a woman’s voice and Sterling sees his friend, Mel, hanging onto the side of a huge cliff. Finn doesn’t want to stop and help (because he’s a total jerk now) and he convinces Bells to come back for her later, but Sterling is already over the side, going down to get her. The rope slips and Sterling falls to his death. Finn still wants to leave but Bells says that they don’t know if they can save any of the others, but they know they can save this one girl. So they make a new rope out of seat belts and Bells goes down. He gets Mel and then a buckle unbuckles and then arrows are being shot at Murphy, Finn, and Monroe as they try to pull Bells and Mel up. Then they hear the horn that is a warning for the acid fog and they hurry to pull them up. The horn was just Octavia, yay! Monroe was hit by an arrow and Octavia thinks it could be poisonous so Bells says he’s going to take her and Mel back to Camp Jaha, but he tells Finn he’ll meet up with him soon. He gives Murphy a gun and tells him to watch Finn’s back. Then he tells Ocavia that he can’t get Mel and Monroe home without her. And she says, “Of course you can’t.” (Can we just talk real quick about how the actress who plays Monroe is 30 years old??? Dayum, girl, do you own the Elixir of Life or something???)

At Camp Jaha, they’ve got an electric fence up. Sinclair tells Raven that he has a job for her: to make a radio beacon so they can find out if there are any other survivors from the Ark. Raven is on crutches but of course she doesn’t let that slow her down. She’s working with Wick (Yay, Wick!) on the beacon and they have some lovely banter that at times seems more hostile than friendly. But I don’t care because from this point on I will always ship Ravick. Wiven? Rick? Rack? Wicken? IDK. I love them together. I mean, he made a brace for her leg and he told her she had a first-rate mind! And he’s got the best humor! What’s not to love? Anyway, there’s an issue with the beacon not being high enough so they make a hot air balloon but Major Annoying comes out and shoots it down because with that in the air, the grounders would all know exactly where they were. I hate to say it, but Major Annoying has a point there.

In the forest, Anya is leading Clarke along as her prisoner. She’s heading toward her commander, but Clarke wants them to work together. Mountain men are following them and they shoot darts at them. Anya is angry because Clarke is making too much noise and leaving footprints and has a strong smell, so they both cover themselves with mud. But the mountain men are still on their tail. Clarke realizes that they might have some kind of tracker on them and sure enough, Anya has one in her arm. She tears it out with her bare teeth. Clarke later distracts Anya and then jabs a dart in her neck. “I can find my way home from here. Looks like you’re my prisoner now.” BOSS CLARKE. Clarke drags Anya to the dropship, where she sees that there was a note left for her but it is mostly washed away. Anya gets up and they have a fight. Clarke sees Raven and Wick’s balloon in the sky and knows that her people are alive. They find their way to the woods outside of Camp Jaha and Clarke lets Anya go. She wants them to work together against the mountain men. Anya says that she can get Clarke an audience with her commander. They shake hands. Anya walks away and then is shot by someone from Camp Jaha. Clarke runs to her and then soldiers appear and they knock out Clarke, thinking she’s a grounder. The End.

Can we just talk about how much the adults suck in these first few episodes of Season 2? They’re all like, “The adults are here and even though we have no experience on the ground and all the kids do, it’s too dangerous for the kids.” Ugh, they’re so annoying.

So anyway, there’s my extremely way too long recap of episodes 1×13-2×04. If you read that whole thing, you’re my favorite. :) Let me know what you guys thought of these episodes in the comments down below. Amber will be our host for the next week, and she’ll be focusing on episodes 2×05-2×08 and those are some doozies! She’ll be livewatching episode 2×05, which is THAT EPISODE. IF YOU’VE SEEN THE SHOW BEFORE, YOU KNOW WHICH ONE I’M TALKING ABOUT. So don’t miss it!


  1. Amber (Books of Amber)

    December 28, 2015 at 3:31 pm

    We Are Grounders Part 2: Bells XD Dying. I forgot that the Reapers thing was Bellamy's plan. Finn doesn't come up with any original ideas at all. I screamed when Bellamy said "Lookin' to you, Princess." PERFECT MOMENT WAS PERFECT. What do you mean, season 3 trailer? There's no season 3 trailer where people are hurt and the Blakes are fighting. Nope. DENIAL. "I'd pick you first." I SHIP IT *THROWS GLASS* "I told you my life ended the day you were born. The truth is, it didn't start until then." is my favourite scene of the entire show so far.

    The 48: I'm dying at that gif. That's me on the horse dragging Finn. That monster dude was hella creepy and needs to not happen again. When I last watched this episode I hadn't been on my trip to DC, but this time around I was shouting "I'VE BEEN THERE!" both times we saw Abraham Lincoln XD To answer your question, no. I would NOT behave like Jasper. I'm a naturally suspicious person and I don't trust anyone, so I would assume that the MM were up to no good. Like, they could be cannibals or something. Especially as Clarke had heard Anya warn about the MM before. I'd want to get myself and everyone (except Jasper, he can stay and die) out.

    Inclement Weather: This is one of my least favourite episodes because JAHA. I find him so dull. But I totally realised the baby wasn't real as soon as he put it in his space suit. Proud of myself. Raven is SUCH a boss. So brave. So beautiful. Amazing.

    Reapercussions: I love this whole thing with Anya and Clarke kind of working together but also being at war with each other. I LOVE THEM AND I SHIPPED IT ALSO. "How did they get all this art from AROUND THE WORLD there in time?" Legit. I assume the Americans knew shit was about to go down and they started collecting. "You weren't elected chancellor, Marcus. You only got the job because Thelonious beat you to redemption." DAY MADE. I can't ship Kabby and I haaaaaate Kane for what he did to Abby this episode. I'm thoroughly disgusted. It's like they lost all sense of civilisation up on the Ark and they have reverted back to the Roman Republic. They used to publicly stone people. Ugh. When Finn pointed the gun at Bellamy I was ready to jump through the screen.

    I don't think what Finn does is justifiable at all. It makes sense, sure, considering everything that these guys have been through. War changes people in various different ways. But I wouldn't call it justifiable, nor do I think Finn is doing the right thing. Like Bellamy said, it's an execution, and Finn has been around long enough to know that it's not right. I think his character had been going in that direction since season one. When he kept seeing people die and he realised that no one was doing things in his unrealistic, peaceful way. I have whole essays that I could write about these characters and their development and this show in general, but I will spare you XD And yes, I'd have sided with Bellamy and not killed the Grounder prisoner. He was tied up and beaten, and was thus harmless in that situation.

    Many Happy Returns: More Jaha. JOY. I find it interesting that Bellamy was convinced to leave Mel on the side of the cliff. Is this because he's desperate to find the others, or also because he's a bit shaken up about Finn's changed (deranged) personality? MONROE IS 30?!?! These CW shows. For Raven/Wick, I like Wicken but I don't know what the official name is. I agree that the adults are AWFUL.

  2. Amber Elise

    December 28, 2015 at 10:10 pm

    So I TOTALLY just started watching The 100 yesterday. I'm on episode 12, so I'm going to try to watch Grounders Part II either tonight or tomorrow!

  3. Disquietus

    December 30, 2015 at 1:43 am


    Raven is everything tbh and probably the actual bravest person on that show.

    I could not have handled that kind of cliffhanger either, so glad I started watching after S2 started.


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