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#100rewatch Recap: 2×09-2×11

Hi everyone! We’re getting closer and closer to the Season 3 premiere! I can’t wait! But at least we’ve got this rewatch helping us get in our fix of The 100!

So this week we’ve watched episodes 2×09-2×11, and this post is here to serve as a recap of those episodes. WARNING: SPOILERS. Also, THIS IS LONG. I AM JUST TOO DAMN LONG-WINDED. I really should have cut about half of what I wrote but that would take even MORE time so I just kept it how it was. #sorrynotsorry #kindasorry

Anyway, let’s get to it, shall we?

So this episode is right after the one where Clarke stabs Finn to save him from suffering a horrible death, and things are AWKWARD. But my girl Lexa is here so things are all good.

It starts off with Clarke trying to wash off her hands all Lady Macbeth-style and then Gustus, Lexa’s bodyguard or whatever he is, summons her to talk to Lexa. Lexa tells her “What you did tonight will haunt you until the end of your days” and yeah, “blood has answered blood” but some people *coughIndracough* think it wasn’t enough. They want to take Finn’s body to Tondc. Kane says no but Clarke says yes, as long as they work together to get everyone out of Mount Weather. They start to leave to take Finn’s body to Tondc and Abby says to Kane that Lexa is “a child. They’re being led by a child.” Kane’s response: “So are we.”

Clarke walks up to Raven and Raven is pissed, OBVS because even if you hate Finn he’s the closest thing to a family for Raven and she is hurting. Clarke tells Raven to keep working on the radio. Raven wants to go with them to Tondc. Some grounders pick up Finn’s body and as Clarke watches, his eyes shoot open and he stares at her. But it’s just a hallucination, because she’s haunted by what she did, just like Lexa said she would be.

On the way to Tondc, Clarke continues to have hallucinations where she sees Finn staring at her. Bells tells Clarke she did the right thing, but he also says that he thinks they should get an inside man (himself) to go inside Mount Weather. Clarke tells him no and he says “Since I don’t take orders from you, I’m gonna need a better reason.” And she says “I can’t lose you too” and all the Bellarke shippers are feeling the feels. Up ahead, Gustus and Lexa are talking. Gustus doesn’t trust the Sky People, but Lexa reminds him that “all alliances are risky.”

Then we see the Tondc sign and if you’re like me the first time I watched this series, it took you a while to realize that Tondc was Washington D.C. DUHHHH. You’d think the Lincoln statue a few episodes ago would have clued me in, but no…. 

Anyway, they’re still not at Tondc (the sign showed miles to Tondc) and the Sky People have set up tents. Clarke sets up her bedroll in the middle and Bells joins her after she points out that they need to trust the grounders and that there “are no more sides.” Kane and Abby talk; Kane wants to pardon Jaha. Lincoln and O have a talk about how Indra called Lincoln a traitor, and how the grounders “think the reaper’s still inside” him. Octavia tells him he’s not a monster and they make out. Clarke was asleep and she wakes up and sees hallucination-Finn laying beside her.

In the morning, they arrive at Tondc. The grounders make the Sky People check their weapons at the gate. Raven has a ton of weapons on her, but Gustus takes them from her. The people of Tondc aren’t happy the Sky People are there, especially this one dude, but Lexa makes Gustus beat him up and then tells everyone “The Sky People march with us now. Anyone who tries to stop that will pay with their life.”

They put Finn’s body on a pyre and Lexa has Clarke light it. Clarke says “Your fight is over” in the grounders’ language. Later, Lexa tells Clarke “I lost someone special to me, too. Her name was Costia. She was captured by the Ice Nation whose queen believed she knew my secrets. Because she was mine, they tortured her, killed her, cut off her head.” Then she tells Clarke that love “is weakness.” Clarke says “So you just stopped caring about everyone? I could never do that.” And Lexa says, “Then you put the people you care about in danger. And the pain will never go away. The dead are gone, Clarke. The living are hungry.” WE LEARN SO MUCH IN THIS ONE CONVERSATION. First, Lexa is a lesbian (or she could be bi, but I believe the show runners have confirmed that she is a lesbian) SO YAY FOR GLBTQIA REPRESENTATION!! Second, we learn that there is a mysterious Ice Nation, which, awesomely, is also led by a woman. And third, we learn a little about why Lexa seems so cold and stoic: she doesn’t want to get close to anyone and have them killed, too.

Inside the train station, they’ve set up a feast. Kane presents some kind of alcohol to Lexa, and Lexa pours it in two goblets. She hands one to Clarke. Gustus takes the goblet from Lexa, to ensure that it isn’t poisoned, but it IS poisoned. Chaos erupts, Indra accuses the Sky People, and Clarke insists that it wasn’t them. Lexa says, “Tell me something, Clarke. When you plunged the knife into the heart of the boy you loved, did you not wish that it was mine?” A grounder finds some kind of poison and says that it was in Raven’s coat. Raven says it wasn’t hers, that he put it there when he searched her. Lexa says that no sky person can leave the room and walks out. As Indra is walking out, Lincoln says “Let me speak for them.” Indra says, “You are them,” and she locks the door.

Clarke thinks Raven might have actually been the one to try to poison Lexa, but Raven punches her and says “You’re the only murderer here.” Clarke sees hallucination-Finn by the door and she starts to talk to him and the others are like WTF? Abby and Clarke have an argument because Abby tries to compare them and Clarke finally says “We are the same.” Then Kane is actually the voice of reason and says they should figure out who did this instead of fighting with each other. Octavia says, “It had to be someone trying to break the alliance.”

The grounders come back and Indra, happy bit of sunshine that she is, says that she voted for them all to die but they decided just on Raven. They tie Raven up to a pole and all the grounders start cutting her. The adults are annoying as ever and are like “There’s nothing we can do” but Clarke sees hallucination-Finn again and he looks down at a goblet and Clarke realizes that the poison was in the goblets, not the alcohol. Bells figures out that it was Gustus, trying to break up the alliance. They take Raven off the pole and put up Gustus, and they all cut him instead. Lexa finally kills him with her sword.

Later, they hear an SOS from Jasper inside of Mount Weather. Clarke concedes that Bells was right, and that they need an inside man. Bells says “I thought you hated that plan. That I would get myself killed.” And Clarke says “I was being weak. It’s worth the risk.” And all the Bellarke shippers are like “She was being weak because love is weakness? But then she said ‘It’s worth the risk’ so whaaaattt?” Or at least, that’s what I assume the Bellarke shippers were thinking there.

Lincoln offers to take Bells into Mount Weather through the tunnels. O wants to go with him but Lincoln tells her to stay and make sure the alliance doesn’t fail. Clarke sees hallucination-Finn again. She tells him “Love is a weakness” and he walks away. Abby walks up and gives Clarke some of Finn’s ashes, thinking she could say goodbye. Clarke says “I already said goodbye.”


Jasper and Maya are looking for Harper. They think she may be in a room that isn’t on the maps. Monty looks at a map of the mountain and sees that ther’s an antenna, and he thinks if he can find the radio they can send a message to their friends outside. The radio is in the control center, so Monty settles for some wires and panels that feed into the radio, which is located in the wall in the art warehouse. They have to make a hole in the wall and Maya had a friend pull some type of alarm so they could use the hammer during while the alarm was being loud so they wouldn’t be heard.

Cage is in the control room and he’s talking to a lieutenant. They’re monitoring the people at Camp Jaha and the grounders, and they’re not sure if the two groups have made an alliance, but the lieutenant tells Cage that they can make them fight each other instead of coming to fight Mount Weather. Cage says “Nothing is gonna stop us from getting to the ground.”

Monty hears something through the wires and realizes that Mount Weather has been jamming the Ark signals, and that the mountain men caused the Exodus ship to crash with that noise. A guard comes and they are able to get away without anyone figuring out what happened. Well, all except for Monty. He has taken it upon himself to get into the control room. He gets in, unjams the signal and the SOS is sent out.

Cage walks up with a soldier and the soldier figures out that Monty isn’t who he says he is. The soldier knocks him down and Monty passes out. Later, Monty wakes up inside a cage. Harper is in the cage above him. He asks what they did to her and she tells him there are 47 cages. “They built one for each of us.”

So this episode, to me, kind of fells like a bit of filler, because not much really happens (although obviously quite a bit happened since I wrote so much stuff about it). But it just seems like we’re waiting for more.
I’m going to try to not be so long-winded with this one. So in Survival of the Fittest, we basically have Lincoln and Bells headed toward Mount Weather, the grounders are teaching the Sky People how to fight, Jaha and Murphy are off hanging out at the dropship, and Lexa and Clarke and the grounders at Tondc are trying to come up with the best strategy for attacking Mount Weather. BUT THERE ARE SOME GREAT THINGS THAT HAPPEN SO I HAVE TO GO INTO MORE DETAIL OKAY? OKAY.

So at Camp Jaha the grounders are teaching the Arkers how to fight. Murphy gets into a fight with a grounder who blames him for not stopping Finn from killing his people and Kane, like the middle school teacher he is, gives Murphy work detail and then says “Care to make it three?” when Murphy complains. Then more fights erupt and everything is just going swimmingly with the new alliance.

Octavia wants to learn how to fight but Indra tells her no. O says “I saved your life” and Indra says “And now I’m saving yours.” But later O tries to fight again and Indra tells a grounder to fight her. O gets all kinds of beat up but later Indra compliments her on her “strength of spirit”* and asks O if she wants to train to be her second. O accepts. Kane has noticed that O seems to know the grounders pretty well and he asks her to spy on the grounders and O isn’t happy about it.

Jaha gets Murphy off work detail and he asks him to take him to his son’s grave. Jaha calls Murphy “son” and Murphy says “Don’t call me that. I’m nobody’s son. You made sure of that.” BURN. But Jaha says he remember Murphy’s father, and that he remembers all the people he floated. At the grave, Jaha asks Murphy how he knew Wells and Murphy tells him that he was hung for Wells’s murder. Jaha didn’t know that Wells was murdered so Murphy tells him about Charlotte. Jaha asks why she would kill Wells and Murphy says “Because she couldn’t kill you.” They rest at the dropship and Jaha tells Murphy about the City of Light. Soon some more Arkers show up and Jaha convinces Murphy to come with them to find the City of Light.

In Tondc, there’s a grounder named Quint who really hates Clarke because his brother died in the fight at the dropship. He hates her so much that he tries to kill her but then Lexa throws a knife into his arm BECAUSE SHE IS BOSS and tells him “Attack her and you attack me” and Clexa shippers (like myself) swoon. Major Byrne (aka Major Annoying) is killed and Clarke thinks it was Quint but he says it wasn’t. Lexa tells Clarke that Quint is hers to kill. Then they hear a roar and Lexa says “Pauna.” Lexa hits Quint with her sword, making him fall down, and Clarke, Lexa, and Lexa’s bodyguard run away. Clarke finds a place for them to hide, but it’s actually Pauna’s feeding ground, inside a zoo. Pauna, a huge gorilla, shows up and kills Lexa’s bodygaurd. Lexa is wounded but she and Clarke make it into a locked room.

Lexa says Clarke should have left her behind but Clarke isn’t having it. Lexa says “To lead well you must make hard choices.” She says that Clarke is strong, but the fact that she couldn’t kill Quint or leave Lexa behind to be killed by Pauna is weakness. Clarke says “I thought love was weakness.” She tells Lexa that she needs her (swooning Clexa shippers again) and that she doesn’t want one of Lexa’s generals to become commander. Lexa tells her that her spirit chooses the next commander.* Pauna shows up again and they lock her in the room they were just in.

Later, they are in the woods and Lexa watches Clarke sleep with this protective look on her face (more swooning from us Clexa shippers). Clarke wakes up and Lexa says “I was wrong about you, Clarke. Your heart shows no signs of weakness.” Clarke thinks about Pauna locked up in a cage and realizes that the grounders already have an army inside Mount Weather, locked up in cages. “We just need someone on the inside to let them out.” Lexa asks her if she has faith in Bellamy and Clarke says “I do” and all the Bellarke shippers swoon.

Bellamy and Lincoln are making their way to the mines. Lincoln has put some blood and stuff on his face to make himself look like he’s still a reaper. He tells Bells what happened when he was taken into the mountain. Lincoln tells him how he was marked for the Cerberus program, and Bells tells him that Octavia used to love when their mother would read mythology to them. Bells tells him, “You’re good for her. You made her strong.” Lincoln says “She was already strong” and everyone just fell in love with Lincoln (if they didn’t already love him). Bells asks him why he protected O before he even knew her and Lincoln tells him a story about how a man came down from the Ark when he was a boy and he tried to help him but then his father made him kill the man. And then he says “The world’s been trying to turn me into a monster for as long as I can remember.” OH, LINCOLN.

Bells asks Lincoln what he remembers from when he was a reaper, and Lincoln says “Everything.” <33333 They get into the tunnels under Mount Weather and Lincoln sees a vial with the “Red” in it and he stomps on it. Some reapers come in and Lincoln wants them to run. Bells says there’s no better time for him to get inside. Lincoln says “I thought I could do this but I can’t.” But Bells makes him act like he was his prisoner, trying to get away. Lincoln tells the reapers that Bells is his prisoner and they buy it.

They get to the door and the mountain men come out. Dr. Tsing goes down the line of all the prisoners and says they all should be harvested, including Bells. The mountain men are injecting the reapers with the red, and Lincoln is trying to stay back. But the mountain man says “next” and wonders what the hold up is and so Lincoln submits himself and is injected with the Red. And that is the end.

Now, I have some things to say. I mean, I love the beginnings of Clexa in this episode but there really is a lot more going on as well. Each time I’ve watched this episode I’ve taken Lincoln’s submission to the Red as a sacrifice. But I saw somewhere that someone thought he was just too addicted to the Red so he couldn’t help himself. But with all the buildup, with all the things he tells Bells about being a monster, with him saying that to Octavia in the previous episode, and with him saying that he remembers EVERYTHING from when he was a reaper, we know that Lincoln REALLY does not want to have that happen to him, ever again. And I know that Bells shook his head at Lincoln right before Lincoln submitted to the Red, but what else was Lincoln supposed to do? Run away? He probably wouldn’t have gotten very far, because the mountain men would have caught on that he wasn’t a reaper and probably would have shot him. And maybe Bellamy’s plan to get inside Mount Weather would have been compromised if Lincoln didn’t take the Red. So I see it as him sacrificing himself for the cause. How do you guys see it?

*Also, the word spirit is used a couple times in this episode. Once when talking about how a commander’s spirit chooses the next commander after she has died, and then again when Indra compliments Octavia and offers to take her on as her second. Some people think this means that maybe, since O has such a strong spirit, she could become the next commander. I personally think that would be cool, EXCEPT THAT MEANS THAT LEXA WOULD DIE AND NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. What do you guys think about this? Is it a stretch or do you think the theory could be correct?

This episode, to me, is all about power. The struggle for power, the way it moves from person to person, and the ways of achieving it. Basically we have Jasper trying to get his people out of Mount Weather, Bellamy has gotten into Mount Weather, Abby is trying to take control of the Arkers but Clarke is the one in charge, and Cage is taking over inside Mount Weather. I’ll try to keep this summary shorter, but we’ve all seen how that goes…

Inside Mount Weather Jasper is pissed because Harper and Monty are missing. Maya tells him not to do anything stupid but he doesn’t listen and he goes into Wallace’s office and threatens him at swordpoint (Is that a word? Like gunpoint? IDK) but Wallace takes back the power and admits that he lied about Clarke and the survivors from the Ark. But he says he’ll take Jasper to find his friends.

Bells gets disinfected as soon as he gets into Mount Weather, and then he’s put in a cage. A grounder girl in the cage next to him spits on him when she finds out he’s a Sky Person, but when she is almost taken out to have her blood drained, Bells makes them take him instead. He wakes up hanging upside down with blood being drained from him. Maya finds him and wakes him up. A soldier named Lovejoy comes in and he and Bells fight and the grounder girl helps by holding Lovejoy up against her cage while Bellamy chokes him and kills him. Bells puts on Lovejoy’s uniform and puts his body down the chute to the tunnels under the mountain. Bells tries to get Maya to leave but she says she’ll help him. Bells tells the grounder girl that he’ll come back for her. He tells Maya to take him to his friends.

In another room, Monty is in a cage and Harper is on a table, and Dr. Tsing is drilling into her. Wallace comes in and has Dr. Tsing locked up and has Monty and Harper released. Wallace tells Jasper to have his friends pack up because they can leave. He then confronts Cage. He tries to have Cage arrested but the guards listen to Cage instead, and Wallace is taken to quarantine.

Monty and Jasper are in the dorms and they tell all the others that they’ve been lied to the whole time, and that there were survivors on the Ark. Maya is taking Bells to the dorms, and on the way there, they pass by a preschool and the little son of Lovejoy, the man Bells choked to death, talks to him. They make it to the dorms but before they can go in, an alarm sounds and the doors to the dorm slam and lock. Jasper sees Maya and Bells but he can’t get out. Bells tells Maya to take him to the radio so he can contact Clarke.


Clarke, Abby, and some other grounders are riding around for some reason and they stop. Some sniper mountain men are hiding in the woods, and one of them says he can hit Clarke, but the other tells him to stand down. Abby is being annoying and she tells Clarke that she’s in charge and says “You need to trust that I know what’s right for us.” They start to leave and one sniper mountain men is shot with an arrow and his gun goes off and shoots a grounder down by Clarke. Octavia, Indra, and some other grounders approach the mountain man who is still alive. Octavia attacks him, cuts a hole in his suit, and is about to kill him on Indra’s orders but Clarke gets there and tells Octavia to keep him alive so they can question him. O searches the mountain men’s things and finds out that Clarke and Lexa were the snipers’ targets.

They rush the grounder who was shot and the mountain man to the Ark. The grounder ends up dying. Raven sets up an air lock so that they can work on the mountain man without his suit. Clarke says that he’ll need a transfusion of their blood. After the mountain man has the transfusion and wakes up, Kane and Abby and Clarke try to question him, but all he’ll say is his name (Emerson).

Clarke has asked Raven to duplicate the device that emits a high-pitch sound that disables the reapers. Raven says she can do it. Clarke and Kane get summoned to the air lock and there, Abby tells them that even before the transfusion, Emerson had the blood of someone who was born on the Ark. Clarke realizes that the mountain men are already using the blood of her friends. Clarke wants to open the air lock and kill Emerson but Abby says “Clarke. You are not in charge here. We do things my way.” SORRY ABBY, BUT CLARKE IS DEFINITELY IN CHARGE.

Clarke goes into where Raven is working and she says it’s too late because their friends are already being drained of their blood. Raven gets mad at her and tells her she can’t give up, and that she needs to do her job. Clarke isn’t sure what her job is and then Bells comes in over the radio. Clarke answers him and Bells tells her that Jasper and Monty and the others are trapped in the dorm. He also tells her that there are kids in Mount Weather, and he says they need to have a plan where not everyone is killed. Clarke says “I hear you. But we can’t do anything until you disable the acid fog. Raven’s gonna help you.” She also tells him he’ll have to free the grounder prisoners. Bells tells her to buy him some time. Clarke says she’ll come up with something.

Clarke, Indra, Octavia and some other grounders approach the air lock where Emerson is locked up. A guard tries to stop them but Clarke says “Don’t” and he listens BECAUSE CLARKE IS IN CHARGE, DUH. She tells Emerson to get into his suit. They take him outside and Kane and Abby try to stop them. Abby tells someone to take the prisoner back to his cell but when they try, the grounders behind Clarke step up. Clarke says “You may be chancellor, but I’m in charge.” BOSS CLARKE. Abby tries to order Indra to have her people stand down but Indra says no. Abby says “People could get hurt” and Clarke says “Not if you get out of my way. You need to trust that I know what’s right for us.” OOOH, BURN, SHE USED YOUR WORDS AGAINST YOU, ABBY. 

Abby finally lets them through and they take Emerson just outside of the gate. Clarke tells him he needs to take a message to his leader. Basically she says that there’s a hidden grounder army that the mountain men don’t know about, and that the acid fog can’t hurt them, and that the reapers can’t either, since they now have the device the mountain men use to disable the reapers. “So you have one last chance. Let our people go and we’ll let you live. It’s just that simple.” Then she lets air out of Emerson’s suit and tells him he’ll have to make the 8-hour trek to Mount Weather in only 6 hours. Emerson runs off. Octavia says to Clarke “You wanna explain how this helps my brother?” And Clarke says “I just told them we have a secret army to worry about. The more they’re looking at us, the less they’re looking at him. Bellamy is the key to everything, Octavia. If he dies, we die.” The end.

So this episode also kind of feels like we’re waiting for something to happen, even though several key things happen, like Bells getting in contact with Clarke, and Cage taking over in Mount Weather, and the adults at Camp Jaha FINALLY realizing that they aren’t in charge. But we’re all just kind of waiting until there’s a big confrontation between the mountain men and the Ark/grounder army.

So, yeah. I totally understand if you didn’t read all that. I hardly even went back and looked at it myself. I’ve got to stop being so damn wordy. But I just feel like I’ll miss something important that comes up again in a later episode… Oh, well.

This coming week is my last week to host, and we’ll be watching episodes 2×12-2×14. I’ll be live tweeting episode 2×14 (MY FAVORITE EPISODE) on Friday the 15th at 1 pm PST/4 pm EST. I would love for you to join me! Then on Sunday, the 17th, I’ll have my wordy recap of those three episodes (12-14) up on the blog, and then Angie will be taking over for the last 2 episodes! It’s getting close to season 3, people!!!!

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  1. Greg

    January 10, 2016 at 11:10 pm

    This is an awesome rewatch and I wish I had time to participate. Love this show and looking forward to S3. I liked S2 a lot more than S1, so much happened and the Mt. Weather stuff was really interesting to me. Thanks for the recap, and enjoy the rest!

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