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Under the Dome: 2/3 Notes

I am reading Under the Dome by Stephen King as a part of the Under the Dome Readalong (#Domealong), hosted by Natalie at Coffee and a Book Chick.  Go here for more info!

So since I’m participating in this readalong, and because Under the Dome is such a huge book, I thought I’d write a few posts as I read.  I’m not quite done yet (the readalong only goes until tomorrow!), but I’m determined to finish.

**Please keep in mind that I have not yet finished this book, so please no spoilers.  However, if you haven’t read this book, there will be spoilers for the first 2/3 of the book in this post.  But if you have read the book, feel free to comment away about the things that happen in the first 2/3 of the book (up through the part titled ASHES).

If you want to check out my notes from the first 1/3 of the book, you can find them here.

I thought that I would simply share some of my notes since my last post, so here they are:

  • All this stuff about what happened to Sammy and all the stuff afterwards makes me very squirmy and uncomfortable.
  • Seriously?  Now Junior is blaming his headaches on Barbie?  The sad thing is, there are people out there like that, that are so paranoid about everyone that they blame everyone else for their problems.  I know his headaches aren’t something that he did to himself, but they’re definitely not Barbie’s fault!  Stephen King definitely has a handle on creating these very realistic yet aggravating characters.
  • Okay, Romeo Burpee doesn’t remind me of Chris Tucker’s character in The Fifth Element anymore.  I don’t really know why I ever thought of him as being like that character.
  • As I’m getting further and further in the book, I think my “friend” who just flat-out told me “So and so did it” is full of it.  Which makes me happy, because I HATE being spoiled.
  • Wow, Big Jim just gets worse and worse.
  • Love this quote:  “It was amazing, really, how well disappointment and lack of surprise complimented each other; they were like the Olsen Twins of emotion.”
  • I’m enjoying the book, but that this point (around 600 pages in), I feel like it’s NEVER GOING TO END.  It’s not that I don’t want to read it or finish it–quite the opposite, actually–but it’s kind of hitting me that I have like 400 more pages until this all gets resolved and that seems kind of ridiculous to me.
  • I’m very glad that Sammy didn’t do what I was thinking she was going to do…
So, if you’ve read the book, or have at least read the first 2/3 like me, did you have any of the same reactions I did?  Did you have some different insights during the first 2/3 of the book?  Let me know, but remember, no spoilers for the rest of the book!

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  1. Kristin Shafel Omiccioli

    July 26, 2013 at 8:54 pm

    I just finished it last night and I'm with you—at around page 800 or so I was ready for it to be done. Not that it was bad… just ready. Great observations!

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