I’m Back! + Blogging Manifesto

Well, hello again, friends!  I’ve missed you all so much!

I had a blast participating in NaNoWriMo last month.  It was my fourth time to participate and my first time as ML (Municipal Liaison–basically the person who organizes meetups and stuff) for my area.  The job was much more demanding than I realized, but it was tons of fun!  And while I didn’t “win” NaNo this year (“winning” means writing a 50,000-word novel in the month of November), I did get to 25,000 words and I’ve started a cool story that I hope to continue to write in the coming year.

So that basically kept me busy all November, which is why my blog got a little behind.  Actually, I’ve been busy since about the beginning of September, so certain parts of my blogging life (like commenting and reading other blogs) have been behind for a while.  

So that’s why I’ve decided to make my own Blogging Manifesto.  I’ve seen several other blogs make these, and for a long time I felt like I really didn’t need one.  But I was wrong.  I think I really need it, and if you don’t have one, I suggest you make one as well!  I think it’ll make me remember what this blog is all about and why I blog in the first place, and it’ll remind me that no, I don’t have to post all the time, and yes, this is a fun hobby that I enjoy and should not cause me stress.  

So here it is, my Blogging Manifesto:

I started this blog to review the books I was reading, and to share my thoughts and opinions on said books to the book reading and blogging community.  It is a hobby, and it is something I absolutely love doing, so therefore if I don’t love it, I should take a break.

I DO NOT have to post on a regular basis.  I think it is pretty ridiculous that bloggers are sometimes expected to post every day.  Does this leave them time to do anything but read and write posts?  I don’t think so.  No wonder we get burnt out.  I love my every-other-day schedule that I’ve (mostly) maintained since March of 2012, and I strive to meet that schedule, but I will not be upset with myself nor feel guilty if I am not able to do so.  I will also not feel guilty if I need to change that schedule in any way.

I DO NOT have to be the Comment Queen.  I love leaving meaningful comments on lots of blogs, but I should not feel like I have to do this all the time, and I should not feel guilty if I don’t comment on every single post of my favorite blogs.  They know I love them, and as long as I comment somewhat regularly they’ll continue to know I love them.  I don’t expect my blogging friends to comment on every single one of my posts, nor do I expect them to comment very frequently on my blog.  So I shouldn’t feel like I’m letting them down when I fail to comment so frequently.  So as of now I’m going to choose one day a week to sit down and comment as much as possible.  I can comment other times as well, but as long as I get a good amount of comments in on that one day a week, I’ll be happy.

I’ve never been extremely worried about my stats, because I love my readers and I’d be happy with just them for the rest of time.  Of course, I love when new readers discover my blog, and I’m happy to have them, but if I start to obsess over how many followers I have, I need to check back on this post and remember that this is fun, and not a competition nor is it imperative that I have that latest ARC from NetGalley.

I will continue to give my absolute honest opinion in my reviews and other posts, but I will also continue to be as kind as possible.  I will also continue to strive for quality posts and reviews, because even though my reviews (and posts like this one!) are long-winded, they are thorough, and I believe in quality over quantity.

Overall, I will have fun with this blog, and I will not worry about what other blogs may be doing or not doing, and I will keep this a fun, kind space where I share my love of reading with others.

Thanks to all of my followers for sticking with me for so long, and for just being awesome!  I’m so happy to be back!


  1. fakesteph

    December 7, 2012 at 6:02 pm

    I'm glad you're back! And 25,000 is way more than me this month! November has traditionally been my busiest month of the year (no idea why). I think I got halfway through my novel last year, too. Then I finished it in January or February…. but I still need to make that thing readable.

  2. Kate Midnight Book Girl

    December 7, 2012 at 11:18 pm

    I love your manifesto!! My problem is that I start off trying to review every book I read, but that's just not happening. Then I feel guilty for the books I don't review… I did buy a separate 2013 calendar to keep track of what I want to post, because I do better when I have an actual schedule- and I really want to post on average 3 times a week, but even though I feel bad when I neglect my blog, it's only because I love the community. And I promise, I do NOT expect you to comment on every post I write. Sometimes there's not a lot to say, and I know that you're reading it, and that's what matters.

    Congrats on NaNoWriMo! I faired about as well, only I think I'll go back on my original NaNo project from 2009 and finally finish that.

  3. Kimberly @ On the Wings of Books

    December 9, 2012 at 10:53 pm

    Congrats on getting to 25,000 words for NaNo! That's quite an accomplishment.

    I do not expect anyone to comment on every one of my blog posts, as someone who is also busy I realize that everyone else is busy too and it's just not a realistic expectation. I used to do the same thing and make a point to comment on every post on my favorites blog but there is just no way I've been able to keep up so I've been spreading it out and commenting when I can.

    Blogging is fun, so you should do what YOU want to do. :)

  4. LHughes

    December 16, 2012 at 10:57 pm

    I've never done NaNo because November is a rough month for me as a teacher with report cards and parent conferences and then Thanksgiving as well. Congrats on 25,000 words! I'm impressed :)

    I think your Blogging Manifesto is perfect. I agree with everything you said. You have a very healthy relationship with blogging :)

    Lauren @ Hughes Reviews

  5. Bittner

    December 29, 2012 at 3:21 am

    If you ever start to get obsessed about your stats and how many followers you have just check back in on my blog and my 163 followers! There was once a time when you thought my blog was top s*%# because I had over a hundred and this short time you now have more then double my following! Sit back, breath, and be proud of yourself!

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