Blind Reads (2): February 2014


Blind Reads is my new(ish) feature here at The Overstuffed Bookcase, where I read a book without knowing anything (well, hardly anything) about it!

It has been a year and a half since I’ve done one of these!  I made a resolution to do at least 4 Blind Reads this year, so let’s get started!

Want to know more about my Blind Reads?  Go here to find out more!


This month’s Blind Read: 

Fifteenth Summer
by Michelle Dalton


What I Know

  • I received an ARC of Fifteenth Summer from Simon Pulse last year, and I knew nothing about it.  But then I thought, hey!  I could use this as a Blind Read! So I know that it was published by Simon Pulse.
  • I’m assuming it’s a YA Contemporary/Romance.  I mean, it’s published by Simon Pulse and they publish YA, and then that cover pretty much assures me that it’s a contemporary/romance novel.
  • I’m pretty sure it takes place during the summer, because of the title and the cover.

My Theories

  • Because of the title, I’m thinking the main characters will be 15. However, if you do the math correctly, one’s 15th summer would actually occur before they turned 15, so these characters could be 14.  I also think that because of the characters most likely being 14 or 15, this would be a first love story.
  • The tag line on the cover reads, “Love makes everything sweeter.” If there isn’t some mention of lemonade or sweet tea in this book, I’m going to be upset.  Because c’mon, summer, young love, sweet? What’s sweeter than lemonade and iced tea?
  • I’m getting a kind of Dawson’s Creek vibe from the cover.  So I’m thinking the main characters live near a creek, a lake, or some kind of body of water.
  • I’m not much of a reader of books that focus heavily on romance, so I’m hoping there is more to this story than just the romance.  But that’s not a theory, I guess, it’s more like wishful thinking.

So, what do you think?  Have I picked a good one for this month?  I feel like maybe a nice summer story is just what I need, being surrounded by snow and ice and one-digit temperatures!  

And remember, if you’ve read this book (or even know anything about it) please NO SPOILERS!  The point of this feature is for me to go into it knowing as little as possible!  

Be sure to come back later this month to see what I thought of this book, and if any of my theories were correct!


  1. Kate Midnight Book Girl

    February 5, 2014 at 9:25 pm

    I will be all over this if it lives up to the Dawsons Creek promise!

  2. Jennifer @ Mrs Q Book Addict

    February 6, 2014 at 7:18 pm

    This one is new to me too. Often, I go into a book blind because I completely forgot what it was about and I do read the synopsis before starting. Enjoy!

  3. Bittner

    February 8, 2014 at 2:59 pm

    I say that because the book is semi short but also looks like a pretty easy read, you picked a great BR.
    I'm really hoping that the characters are older then what you are guessing because I would probably roll my eyes a lot when reading about 14 year-olds falling in love and I don't think 15 year-olds would be any better. I'm not saying that people can't fall in love at that age. But come on! I just know when I would be reading it and get to a line like "I just knew he was the one I was meant to be with" I would want to throw the book and scream "YOUR FIFTEEN!!!"

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