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Fall 2016 Bloggiesta Mini Challenge: Bullet Journaling for Book Bloggers

Bloggiesta is an event for book bloggers where participants work on blog housekeeping and improving their blogs. It’s hosted by MC at Blame It On The Books and¬†Emily at Emily Reads Everything. Check out the Bloggiesta homepage and about page for more info. Hi everyone! The Fall 2016 Bloggiesta is here! It runs from 09/15/16 to 09/18/16,  ...

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Bullet Journaling for Book Bloggers

Hi everyone! Today I have an exciting post for you! I have been using a bullet journal for a few months now and I love how there is this wonderful online community of people who share ideas and layouts for bullet journals, but I’ve noticed that there really isn’t much out there for book bloggers. There are some great reading  ...

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